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Identify your brand ambassadors through online and offline media contests.

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Challenged over 10,000 ambassadors for leading brands, served over 10 million content entries

A small percentage of your clients are responsible for 100% of your brand’s online word-of-mouth promotion! We help you to find them!

How our very own ambassadors are raving about us

"The BuboBox platform allowed us to quickly set up a media contest for Lulu (Mondelēz), the previous petit Lu. We received hundreds of entries and it enabled us to connect with our youngest fans. I'd be happy to recommend this flexible and fast-responding team."

"We invited my fans to record their own little video to create one of the first official user-generated music videos! We received hundreds of video entries. Not only the technology, but also the way the team reacted to our questions, was extremely flexible."

"The BuboBox platform fitted our exact needs: a concept where people could upload a video without any hassle or plug-ins, in a few easy steps, with extended and secure voting functionalities. BuboBox also replied promptly to our questions. Thanks!"

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Excerpt from the Holy BuboBox Case Study Book

Ben & Jerry's fans shout for chunks

By using our iPad event application and their own mobile device, hundreds of Ben & Jerry's fans shouted their video entries onto the official Ben & Jerry's Facebook page.

By shouting for chunks on summer festivals around the world, the fans who created the most social buzz for Ben & Jerry's, acting like true ambassadors for the brand, could go on a trip with 15 friends!

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