How to turn satisfied customers into Social Ambassadors

  Imagine the benefits of satisfied customers handling your marketing for you. They are able to give accurate reviews of your products and services, because they have enjoyed them. Searching for “benefits of customer testimonials” will return a plethora of results, showing that many companies are realizing how important it is to demonstrate the truth […]

BuboBox and Ambassify become one

Boom! Lots of positive vibes at Ambassify lately. New features, new clients, new employees and more to be announced soon. But how does the integration between BuboBox and Ambassify work? In a previous blog post, we mentioned that BuboBox integrates seamless with Ambassify. This time, we go the extra mile. Instead of offering both BuboBox […]

Build your challenges even faster

Some of our customers have been expressing the need for a copy challenge button that allows them to quickly set up similar challenges. Since we recently introduced our new backend platform it seemed like the right time to update you on the status of this feature. Duplicate for everyone! When using the new BuboBox control […]

Identifying your brand’s superfans

We are glad to announce a new feature which makes it possible for your clients to get a bird’s eye view of all their challenges. It will make it possible to get even more value out of all your effort in organising challenges. Now you can instantly see which users are most active across your […]

Hunting down your price hunters

Setting up social media challenges is a fun thing to do. You get an opportunity to activate your following and interact with new customers. It’s the perfect way to present yourself as a social company. Unfortunately, behind every good intention, there’s also a flip side. While numerous entries are rolling in, some might be conspicuous […]

We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!