BuboBox owl floating above persons illustration

How BuboBox Became Ambassify

From its humble beginnings in 2012, BuboBox was founded with a vision to identify and activate brand ambassadors. The SaaS platform offered brands the ability to create quizzes, video campaigns, and contests to engage with potential ambassadors and uncover the most trusted and active individuals.

However, after years of working with brands, the team at BuboBox realized that the most effective brand ambassadors were the employees who worked for those brands. This led to a stroke of genius - creating a community of ambassadors within the company to leverage their authentic voices and amplify brands online.

In 2017, Ambassify was born as a rebranded and more authentic vision of BuboBox. The platform brought employees together in a community, turning them into company ambassadors to help scale authenticity and experience the power of word-of-mouth advocacy.

Today, Ambassify is dedicated to targeted Employee Advocacy and Engagement use cases for companies looking to leverage the trust of their employee. With the power of authentic voices and the ability to amplify brands online, Ambassify is changing the way businesses approach brand advocacy. Join us in the journey towards a more authentic and engaging brand experience for all.

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