Challenges package


Set up an unlimited amount of challenges to create interaction with your online fans and build social buzz and engagement for your brand, through our plug & plug and user-friendly DIY platform.

Basic package

Unlimited challenges

Responsive and mobile friendly

1-click social media integration

Advanced templating system

Social and gaming mechanics

Own unique branding

Ambassador module


Add module

Advanced leaderbord algorithms

Detailed ambassador profiles

Identify and activate your true ambassadors

Unlimited ambassadors

Event module


Add module

Includes iPad application

Create unlimited applications

Support for all media types

Easy offline to online synchronization

Enterprise package


Large brands have specific requirements a lot of the time. We understand that and have enterprise solutions for that. Get in touch now!

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Challenges package
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Common questions & answers

Can I use the BuboBox challenges on my Facebook page?

Sure. You can post your challenge with just one click on your FB tab, over a secure HTTPS connection. Everything will work exactly the same as on your website or landing page and all content entries can be managed through one central dashboard.

How does the event module work?

You can download our free iPad application from the Appstore and link it with your challenges account. You can set up custom apps this way to capture your fans at their best offline and amplify the content directly and automatically through the BuboBox platform.

What's the enterprise package about?

Although everything is out-of-the box available in our challenges package, many of our larger clients have specific needs (for example: SLA, custom integrations, 24/7 support, API access, extra users, dedicated account manager...). Let's talk! The sky doesn't need to be the limit!

Can I get an invoice monthly?

We strongly believe you should challenge your fans on a continuous basis. Only this will allow you to identify and really work with your brand ambassadors. That's the reason you should build a long-time relationship with your fans and we only offer yearly contracts.

How does the 14 day trial work?

You can just start exploring our unlimited challenges package and even our ambassador & event modules through our 14 day trial. No credit card needed. Afterwards you’ll have the choice to upgrade to our paying product.

What's with the name: BuboBox?

Bubo means owl in Latin. Owls can rotate their head almost 360 degrees, allowing them to look back on the challenges and help your identifying your genuine ambassadors even better.

And it's quite nice for a logo :)

Ready to challenge your fans?

We take great pride in our ambassador marketing platform BuboBox. That's why we challenge YOU to learn more about our platform and start identifying and activating your brand ambassadors today!