Your Ambassador Marketing Platform

Challenge Module: Engage your fans

Build your first campaign in just a few minutes

A great way to get to know your ambassadors is challenging them to participate in your story. We have a dozen of challenges you can set up for your fans. Going from quizzes over video testimonials to full-blown media contests.

You can integrate these challenges plug & play on any social media presence or website. Mobile-ready, with just a few clicks fully extensible, based on an unique templating system. Our built-in social and gaming mechanics will do the rest for you.

Ambassador Module: Identify your ambassadors

Time to get to know your ambassadors

We allow you to identify and activate your ambassadors, based on the input of the challenges you set up for them.

We also have some other tricks up the sleeve to make sure your true ambassadors show up and you can start building a continuous relationship with them.

Event module: Amplify your events

Don't limit yourself to the online world

There's a whole bright and shiny world out there: be where your fans are!

Use our iPad application or their mobile devices to capture your fans at their best and amplify the content directly and automatically through the BuboBox platform.

Want to continue your tour?

We hope the overview of our product helps you to convince you about the importance of ambassadors. As a next step we suggest you to schedule a full demo with us or try it out for yourself.